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We're trying to make our hackerspace (http://hackbo.co) site in web2py instead of using a pre-made but not so pleasant to hack solution. For the moment the front end is just made on html + js, using google calendar for events and web2py as a backend. The more functionality the web2py backend has, the less we are going to rely on third part providers, so I want to have a calendar view similar to google calendar but build totally on web2py. I already have the events in a web2py database and a view or them at:





But I would like to have them in a better view, similar to what you get on Google Calendar, grouped by date. I have seen here:





There is something similar in web2py for building calendars?




PS: by the way I have not yet any answer about adding users to the editor group at register time in plugin wiki (see my previous post). Building our own site in web2py is valuable event if we're just learning, so any answer will be appreciated :-)

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