If you benefit from web2py hope you feel encouraged to pay it forward by contributing back to society in whatever form you choose!

The idea of this application is to make easy to administrate the servers statistics (https://collectd.org) and centralize them in one web interface. The main  characteristic of this application is that you can organize the servers in different platforms and is possible to specify time zone for the severs. With this last feature your graphs will be shown according with the specific time zone. Really useful, if you have many servers distributed around the world.

The Front- End have been developed with web2py, so it is easy to integrate new features to the application, more ajax options, filters, etc. The application  already have a configuration file where it makes easy to:

- Configure a login: use local login (database), CAS or LDAP (have a example in the config file)
- Database: Use mysql or SQLite. With the last option is easy to test it. You can have a example in of RRDD files in: static/server_example


Feel free to download: https://github.com/josedesoto/monitor I hope it could be usefull for system administrators...




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