If you benefit from web2py hope you feel encouraged to pay it forward by contributing back to society in whatever form you choose!

Requirements :

- Android Device (Should work with most of the versions without root access)
- Android Scripting Layer
- Python
- Web2py
- Access to Internet

Step 1:

Install SL4A (Android Scripting Layer) from this url. Follow de Qr-Code


Step 2:

Install python for SL4A from this URL. Other scripting languages are avaliable (Lua, Perl, etc.) :


Step 3:

Download Web2py and extract it in the same folder of you SL4A proyects.

Step 4:

Open SL4A from your Android device

Browse the web2py folder and run web2py.pe

Step 5:

By default the web2py webserver will start in the port 8000

Open your favorite browser and enter the following url :




Step 6:

Have Fun ! 

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