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Hello slicers,
I'm quite new in Web2Py ;-)
here is my model:
    Field('name', notnull=True, unique=True))

    Field('firstname', notnull=True),
    Field('lastname', notnull=True),
    Field('company', 'reference company'))

    Field('name', notnull=True, unique=True),
    Field('description', 'text'),
    Field('company', 'reference company'))

    Field('body', 'text',notnull=True),
    Field('project', 'reference project'),
    Field('contact', 'reference contact'))
and my controller:
def log_create():
    db.log.project.default = request.args(0)
    db.log.project.readable = False
    db.log.project.writable = False
    form = crud.create(db.log, next='logs')
    return locals()
My problem is when I create a log I get ALL the contacts.
What I would like is to get ONLY the contacts that belongs to the company of the project.
Can somebody help me?

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