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As promised a few months ago here's the generator for web2py: first run it to create a skeleton
model, complete the model and then run it again to create the controller and views and then you
should have a working application - well for that one model.
At the moment just download it from:


Unpack the file and you will find the code plus an overview and a 'how to use' document which you really do need to read.


I haven't had to time to look at setting anything up on Github or similar so for the moment you can go to 


for a few more details.

As I point out in the documentation this is very much a work in progress and I'm posting it now, while still very rough around the edges, to find out if there are any others who might make use of this type of technique. I will be developing it a lot further for my own use.

Added 1/5/2016 - I'm a little surprised at getting no comments at all so I suppose I can take it that there isn't any interest in using this technique hereabouts. As I've mentioned we are using it for our own work which, after a pause for other projects, will now start in earnest and so the generator will be worked on again. I'll certainly post details of any relatively complete version here but not anything else although we will keep our


page up to date


good luck



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    brownj 8 years ago

    any additional documentation , can't get it to work ( using a mac 10.11.5 , web2py v 2.14.5)

    get ImportErrors from model trying to create a controller

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    • graham 8 years ago

      The first question to ask is have you run the Generator to create the skeleton model file and then added at least one field ? And could you post the exact error message (whic should give the line number etc.). It doesn't use anything very exotic so it ought not to be a version issue but you never know...

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