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This demonstrates how to manually handle file uploads in web2py (without any SQLForm magic.)


    Field('file', 'upload'),
    format = '%(title)s')


def download(): return response.download(request,db)
def link(): return response.download(request,db,attachment=False)

def index():
	image_form = FORM(
	if image_form.accepts(request.vars,formname='image_form'):
		image = db.image.file.store(image_form.vars.image_file.file, image_form.vars.image_file.filename)
		id = db.image.insert(file=image,title=image_form.vars.image_title)
	images = db().select(db.image.ALL)
	return dict(images=images)


{{extend "layout.html"}}

<form action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">
	<input name="_formname" type="hidden" value="image_form">
	<input class="string" name="image_title" type="text" value="">
	<input class="upload" name="image_file" type="file">
	<input type="submit" value="Submit">

{{for image in images:}}
		<a href="{{=URL(f='link', args=image.file)}}">
			<img src="{{=URL(f='link', args=image.file)}}"/>
		<a href="{{=URL(f='download', args=image.file)}}">

(Of course we could just use the serialized form in the view, but I like to render my views by hand to show what's going on)






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    joecodeswell 12 years ago

    Hi Yarin,


    This is just what i was looking for. I found a small nit however. When i first ran the code, i got an error with a ticket that said:

    "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'images' referenced before assignment." referring to the controller  statement at line 18 "

    return dict(images=images)


    I put this statement "images = [] # needed this on first go around" just before the if and things seemed to go smoothly.

    Thanks again, for a great recipe.

    Love and peace,



    replies (1)
    • ykessler 12 years ago

      Hey Joe,

      Not sure how you got that error- just retested and it worked no prob. Anyway, glad you found it useful. -Y

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