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Dear all,

Anyone know how to fix problem when use SQLFORM.grid search box in LOAD function.


This are steps to reproduce the problem?

Step 0
# in models/db.py
                Field('code', length = '50', notnull = True, unique = True),
                Field('name',  notnull = True),
Step 1
#in controller/default.py
def test_sqlform():
    return dict()
def sqlform_grid():
    return sqlform_grid
# in view => /views/default/ test_sqlform.html
{{extend 'layout.html'}}
{{=LOAD('default', 'sqlform_grid', ajax=True)}}
Step 2
2.0 open =>
2.1 try to search some product let say = 'glass' 
2.2 go to 2nd page and search again = 'dish'
2.3 in the search box you will see ['glass', 'dish']
2.4 clear and search again does not help
2.5 press search button you will get ['glass', ['glass', 'dish'[] (something like this)
I using web2py version is 2.9.5 - 2.9.8
Any recommend, what I do wrong? 
Thank you in advance.


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