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I have design a a page using html and my own custom grid system .. and wish to port it to web2py view

I have placed my CSS files, js files, and my images to where they need to go .. ( within the static folder ... )


My homepage looks a little bit similar to the main facebook page but with sliders, a small registration form and, it also has a login in the header ( the header is 100px in height )! ... I design my login form with css & tables, in normal html, it looks great ! now I want it to work with web2py .... I am having some serious difficulty succeeding in making it work !

I encounter several small problems ! and I cannot adress them properly ! ... I will start with the login form in the header !

how do I make a web2py working login in my header without using the the default built-in one that shows up like this :

  {{if request.args(0)=='login':}}


???? ... can it be done ???? ... please advise anyone ! ...


thank you




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