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I have a sales and inventory system that I built for my small business 14 years ago. I have been struggling with this monster trying to replace it with all sorts of languages and frameworks. I have finally decided that Web2py is definitely the way to go, but I need to replace it little by little, still using MS Access as a back-end, until I have all the functionality of the monster in Web2py, so that I can use PostgreSQL, which is my choice for DBMS.


- Where can I start to build DAL support for MS Access in Web2py? - Where is documentation for that?


Thanks a lot.

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    rochacbruno 11 years ago

    Hi Edgar, You can edit the answers and comments made on your own content only, it is for give the author the moderate possibility.

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    anthony 11 years ago

    See this section of the book (and of course, look at the code for the various adapters in /gluon/dal.py).

    - Why is it that me (Edgar) can edit what Anthony answered?

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    • costarica 11 years ago

      Since I seem unable to build DAL support for MS-Access (I do not have the skills). -Is there a way to use Web2py with direct MS-Access SQL bypassing the Web2py DAL? I know this is a waste, but it would be temporary until I migrate to PostgreSQL. I have been trying to understand the dal.py, but it is beyond my knowledge.

    • costarica 11 years ago

      Thank you Anthony!

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