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Hi, recently I did send a questions to movuca and I get a quick answer that I implemented asap, but that point me to another error that I reported. Because I want badly to use Movuca as our (Social) CMS I would like to get the exception error solved, but I know that support is limited in the sense that is given on a voluntary basis (and is already superb), but increasing the exposure on special cases like this one would increase also the chance of getting the proper answer. I have tried in the past to subscribe to the English language mailing list but I cant stand the mailing trafic and Google gives not much tailoring options for non google accounts (even seems that non gmail account subscribing is broken[1]). So, could be the Movuca support experience be connected with some mailing support in the same way that is on, say shapado? and get some questions routed to the mailing list and their answers back to the web site?


By the way the urgent question I want to deal with is [2], is someonea can give me more insights about it.


[1] http://koansys.com/tech/subscribe-to-google-groups-with-non-google-address

[2] http://www.web2pyslices.com/slice/show/1535/using-plugin-wiki-with-movuca


Ps: I have searched the mailing list but I can't find anything about my specific issue, but brosing it I found the discussion about the killer CMS on web2py and even if newbies can not help to much with the development, we can offer real context of application of the present solutions (Movuca InstantPress) and testing scenarios, made documentation and more importantly places where users will try to not only use, but also hack and understand them and eventualy increase the number of developers.

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    anthony 11 years ago

    If you don't want to receive emails from the web2py-users Google Group, just set your preferences to receive no email, and instead, use the web interface to view and post questions (it's better than email anyway -- it includes functionality for code highlighting, marking answers as correct, up/down voting, tagging, etc.).

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    • offray 11 years ago

      The problem with that approach is having to subscribe to Google to interact with the list. I came from the old time where you can participate in a community with your mailing address, no matter where they are and you can tune your subscribe options (mailman). Disabling mail subscribing and forcing you to have a gmail account for being part of a Community is in exactly the opposite direction. I know that most communties use that by convenience, but having Free Software as a Service (like in the movuca case) is a better choice for me, so connecting both with the mailing list would bring the exposure of a big list, without the big traffic, that would help newbies in being part of the community, and let the people choose their privacy aware mailing provider.

      Anyway I will try the plugin_wiki in a normal app, increase my knowlege of web2py and see if I can report advances in movuca + plugin_wiki integration.

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