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Recently I installed plugin_wiki as a way to construct our community site for the local hackerspace. After looking for a while I found:




Which tells us that people needs to be part of the "editor" group in order to get the functionality of plugin_wiki enabled for them. I can made this manually, but I would like to make this automatically. Serching in the community portal the only thing I found on membership until now is this:




but is not quite I'm looking for. As always, pointer to the solution would be appreciated.

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    rochacbruno 11 years ago
    Put this in the models, just after auth.define_tables()
    def give_editor_poermission(form):
        group_id = auth.id_group("editor")
        auth.add_membership(group_id,  auth.user.id)
    auth.settings.register_onaccept = give_editor_permission
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    • offray 11 years ago

      Thanks as alwas Bruno. For the moment manually subscription to the editor group is working fine for our local community and keeps spammers away. Maybe what I need is to give permissions to some other users to let them add editors also. I really like to see the wiki functionality added to core web2py as the first end user oriented app included in web2py. In that way communities powered by web2py can start to build their online presence as the learn more web2py. So the next step would be migration from plugin_wiki to build in wiki and adding a file based backend (git, fossil, etc for a distributed wiki)

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